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 There are 4 simple ways to help others:


Set up a Direct Debit and give regularly to a charity of your choice. This is the simplest and easiest way to be charitable. The reality is most of us wouldn’t even notice if there was £15, £50 or even £100 less in our bank each month but this regular donation can literally save lives.

If everyone in the ‘developed world’ gave 10% of their earnings to charity we could almost eliminate malaria overnight, feed every starving person on the planet and give every child an education….what a sad thought! In most instances, you won’t see the reward or where your money is going but you should believe that your donation is doing good and feel proud of yourself for choosing to make a difference.


Giving your time is a great way to help others in need. There are so many charities in need of extra help and there are numerous ways you can get involved.

Before volunteering, I suggest you think about how much time you can/want to give and if you want to do it as a one off or on a regular basis. Then have a think about what skills you have to offer and what you might enjoy. There are so many ways to lend a hand from office based tasks, marketing or raising awareness to helping hands-on with charities that work with people or animals. For more information, including a list of possible charities, check out the How to: Volunteer section of the website.


This is another way to give your time and many charities rely heavily on people raising funds for their cause. There are numerous ways to fundraise but my particular favourite is putting on events and if you are resourceful you can do it without spending a penny, which means all the money raised goes directly to the charity. Check out the How to: Fundraise section on the Free Wealth to find out how I do it.


If you are looking for a meaningful job then perhaps a career in the volunteer sector is for you. There are usually 3 areas you can work in; management & administration, fundraising and operations and delivery. I am currently putting together my advice for getting into the charity sector so watch this space…….


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